Sauven Printers: Which Machine is Right For You?

Sauven-Marking is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art high resolution ink jet printers for the packaging industry. For more than 60-years, Sauven has been on the cutting edge of package identification, now using its own research and development department to advance ink jet technologies. Indeed, the company’s line of printers are revered across multiple industries, including food and beverage, industrial, electronics and pharmaceutical, for their unsurpassed in-line product coding, identification and marking capabilities.

What Works for Your Needs?

While all Sauven-Marking products offer high resolution printing along with reliability, durability, functionality and value, not every ink jet printer may suit your particular needs. Here is a quick, high-level rundown of the Sauven ink jet printer models and capabilities:

  • Sauven 6000 Plus: If you need to print on sacks or cases this is the machine for you. It can print with oil based ink for porous surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood or gypsum, or with solvent (glycol) based inks to print onto non-porous surfaces, such as glass, metal, or plastic. The 6000 Plus offers print up to 34mm (1.34”) in height along with different fonts, graphics, logos and barcode symbologies in single or multi-line configurations. It allows for complex message creation but with a user-friendly control panel. This machine is ideal for integrating into a factory network system, or to be operated as a stand- alone unit.
  • Sauven 6000R Plus: The perfect replacement to higher cost, maintenance intensive, messy and more costly CIJ printing systems. This printer with all of the capabilities of the 6000Plus has a remote head, and optional automatic shuttering system, is dedicated to small character printing. Considered a low-cost and highly dependable high resolution printer this unit also offers networking capability, simplified message creation, and continuous operation even under the harshest of industrial environments. Ideal for integrating directly into your packaging line or into other packaging equipment such as case sealers.
  • Sauven 1000: This modular ink jet system, with all of the same capabilities of the 6000 Plus model, can connect up to four separate Sauven print heads to one controller. Perfect for printing on two sides of a case, the case top and two sides, or four individual lanes on a web. It can also use different inks to print onto porous surfaces, such as wood and cardboard, and onto non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, and plastic.
  • Sauven 500: A low-cost, plug-and-play ink jet printing option that starts working straight from the box. Good for printing onto porous materials such as trays, cartons, and sacks with up to eight lines of text along with logos or graphics. It can be programmed using a USB stick or be directly connected to a PC. Cost per print for a 4mm high, 10 character number is $0.000061 or 1/3 the cost ($0.000162) of a 3mm, 10 character number generated by an HP thermal print head. The ink is supplied in large110ml no mess cartridges – 62% more ink volume than an HP cartridge – at about the same price as an HP cartridge.
  • Sauven 7000: With print heights that can be as tall as 70mm (2.75”) this high resolution printer, with a 500ml ink cartridge, eliminates the use of pre-printed packaging and labels. It allows you to directly print text, graphics, and barcodes onto trays, sacks, cartons and cases. It can work on its own or fully integrate into a full production network system. It’s user-friendly despite taking on some very complex printing needs.

In Review

Sauven has a wide range of ink jet printers that perform well across many industries, applications, and production environments. Here is a quick review on what to consider for your specific need:

  • Sauven offers everything from low-cost, out-of-the-box printers that work on their own to fully integrated, high resolution, high output/productivity ink jet printers.
  • Sauven high resolution printers work on direct printing applications for a wide range of materials, including porous and non-porous as well as replace the need for pre-printed or thermal transfer printed labels.
  • There are Sauven printer models that handle various print heights and numbers of lines, and have the ability to add graphics and barcodes.
  • All of Sauven’s products are user-friendly, built-to-last, require only minimal maintenance and cleaning.

About Jim Umbdenstock

Jim is a business executive with over two decades of experience in the packaging product identification field via printing, coding and labeling of primary or secondary packages through the pallet level.


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