The Markem x40: An Economical Solution to Your Coding Needs

markem x40 coderMARKEM is an esteemed name in the thermal coding industry, and the introduction of the Markem X40 illustrates another great solution from this company dedicated to meeting all of your coding needs.

For its part, the Markem X40 offers advanced coding technology, with key highlights including environmental sensitivity, expanded uptime, increased line performance and long-term cost efficiencies at a reasonable price.

Markem X40 At-a-Glance

  • This particular coder has been designed to effectively handle and print high volumes of variable data at a high speed.
  • It can do this on a range of flexible packaging films, labels and other substrates through the use of an “intelligent” print head and high rsolution print.
  • It maximizes ribbon usage for lower resource output in terms of time and money –- less time spent changing ribbons and fewer dollars spent on buying replacement ribbons.
  • It is able to retain significant amounts of data in its resident memory .

Together, all of these attributes assure this coder delivers the line performance and printing results you need  to maintain production levels and other operational objectives, which  include scalability for greater coding volume in the future.

Special Features
These notable features illustrate that this unit has something for everyone as noted by MARKEM’s product specification sheet:

  • A large range of ribbon widths – from 20 mm to 55 mm;
  • CoLOS Create 5.0 print design software with a new automatic ribbon optimization feature;
  • Lower-cost 32 mm printhead option for applications requiring less than a 35 mm ribbon;
  • new standard 1100 meter ribbon capacity for reduced changeovers and improved cost per print; and
  • High-performance printing speeds up to 600 mm/s and high-quality 300 dpi resolution.

Markem X40 by the Numbers
Some of the statistics on what this coder is able to achieve also underscore why it is a serious contender in the thermal transfer coder market:

  • New standard 1100 m ribbon reduces changeovers and improves cost per print;
  • Patented ribbon saving features help to minimize ribbon waste;
  • 18-month standard warranty;
  • Excellent up-time  ratio of up to 99.6% without technical assistance;
  • Up to 50% reduction in power consumption; and
  • Up to 20% less ribbon waste with new standard ribbon design.

In Summary
To summarize this blog post, here are the main points:

  • The Markem X40 offers something for everyone in terms of its coding capabilities.
  • It is a very environmentally-friendly coding machine, cutting waste and minimizing power consumption.
  • It has a range of special features that enhance its offering.

About Jim Umbdenstock

Jim is a business executive with over two decades of experience in the packaging product identification field via printing, coding and labeling of primary or secondary packages through the pallet level.
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