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barcode printing on bartons more efficient

How to Make Barcode Printing on Cartons More Efficient

As companies that have distribution centers, industrial environments, and warehouses as part of their operations look to make printing barcodes on cartons more efficient, accurate and economical, one process–mobile barcode printing on cartons–is showing promise of helping achieving those objectives.

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rfid and barcode labeling which one

RFID and Barcode Labeling: Which is Better for Me?

Before there was RFID (also known as radio frequency identification) there was barcode labeling, but today’s technology advancements allow RFID and barcode to exist side by side in various industries, allowing companies to decide which one works best for their needs. While these are different tools that have distinct applications, there are still instances where they can be used together. To help you determine the best course of action for your own initiative, below is a list of key features and differences of RFID and barcode options.

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rfid and barcode technology

RFID and Barcode Labeling: Is There a Difference Between the Two?

As technologies advance and merge, it can be harder to distinguish between seemingly similar types of product identification functions. Take for example RFID and barcode labels, which appear to be interchangeable terms in many ways. Not necessarily. Below is a list of differences between RFID and barcode labeling to provide a clearer picture about each process and how they are different even though they both help to track products and shipments.

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barcode application

What Machine Will Work Best for a Barcode Application?

In the packaging industry it’s often wondered what machine will work best for a barcode application. And, the answer can differ based on the type of application and performance expectations of the user. Many opt to purchase the EasyPrint due to its wide range of benefits and proven dependability. There are a myriad of reasons that make this particular model adept at working with a barcode application. Here’s why.

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automatic print coding

What You Need to Know about Automatic Print Coding

Automatic print coding has become an increasingly popular way to allow for the automatic identification of products and collection of product data in a quick and efficient manner. Developed in the 1970s, today automatic print coding is also known as bar code printing or intelligent coding. It is widely regarded as a means to manage product production information and to control access to that data. As well, it can reduce the cost of labor and human error.

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