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date marking cardboard boxes

Date Marking on Cardboard Boxes: Best Practices

When it comes to date marking, industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and OEM manufacturing must ensure this critical information is printed in way that’s readable and can withstand all types of environments – even those known to be harsh on printed information. For its durability and versatility, cardboard is often the material of choice that’s utilized across a wide range of industries to package a wide range of products. Cardboard also takes well to date marking, but for added assurance it’s wise to heed some best practices related thereto.

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CO2 Laser Coding System

What You Should Know When Buying a CO2 Laser Coding System

If you are considering an investment in a CO2 laser coding system, there are a number of things to know about these types of machines, including what they do, how they are of benefit relative to your needs, the best types of materials for laser codes, and industries that are well suited for this kind of application.

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