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LinoPrint Fixed Line

Digital printing system for integration into production or packaging lines

FixedLine fits perfectly into any packaging line, virtually at any required location. The print unit has a small footprint, is easy to install and works cleanly and reliably on virtually any substrate transport system.

FixedLine prints on paper, cardboard, blister foils and plastic packaging materials. Employing UV curable inks, this Drop-on-Demand technology allows printing horizontally as well as vertically with the same high print quality. Even complete and filled boxes can be printed on with variable text and decorative elements.

FixedLine minimizes expenses for logistics and warehousing while simplifying the workflow process and reducing possible errors. It enables a packaging line to work more efficiently.

Linoprint FixedLine can change your packaging line into a highly flexible and versatile logistic instrument. FixedLine offers all the advantages of digital printing: If needed, the variable print information can be changed during a print job. It is even possible to place a unique high-quality print on every product or package to guarantee complete traceability.

The Linoprint print heads work extremely accurately and deliver an exceptional printed image. The print is easily and harmoniously integrated into first-class printed packaging. It is possible to print safety instructions or declarations of ingredients, in the desired language, even at a late stage in the packaging process.

FixedLine prints with any desired color. Since the printing inks are designed to be compatible with the material, the printed image is always clean and accurate, even on pre-printed, sealed and coated surfaces.

FixedLine can be integrated into any popular production or packaging line. The required space for the compact print unit is so small, it can virtually be integrated at any required location.

Using FixedLine pays off quickly: packages or labels are printed exactly on demand which obviously reduces the time between order receipt and delivery. At the same time expenses in logistics and warehousing are reduced and processes are simplified.

FixedLine is comprised of sophisticated printing technology – and the realization that the best solutions are simple. That’s how this versatile and flexible printing system was conceived. It perfectly integrates into the packaging line and even includes efficient control software.

FixedLine prints in-line with a width of 70 mm to 210 mm, and a rate of up to 25 m/min. Since the printing ink has to cure immediately, the printing system is equipped with a UV-LED dryer which does not produce heat, so the possibility of deforming or damaging the material is limited.

The UV curable inks will be optimally adjusted to the substrates, including tonality, elasticity, abrasion resistance and other criteria. They originate from the Saphira- Consumables-Program from Linoprint. FixedLine prints individual colors with a resolution of 360. Employing different dot sizes, 8 gray scale levels can be generated which, to the human eye, equates to a printed picture with a resolution of more than 1080 dpi.

Control and monitoring of the print system is accomplished with a touchscreen. Its operating surface is well-arranged and the standard software can be supplemented with additional components. Including: Linoflow-Remote for automatic arrangement of print jobs, Linoflow Connect, which can be linked into ERP/ MIS-systems, Linoflow Datadrop, which can import data from various sources and Linoflow Vision for one hundred percent print monitoring.

View Linoprint Fixed Line Detailed Specifications in pdf format

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